• New Sensors are added as Stopped with Start button enabled.
  • Excluded sleeping waits from the MySQL sensor.
  • Reduced logging from the PostgreSQL batch sensor.
  • Fix for Statement wait state table not updating
  • Fix so port is not shown if value equals 0
  • Potential bug fix for new DB targets
  • Avg time now forced to number to fix sort
  • Fix for exec plan without startup/total cost value
  • Fixed delete button availability issue
  • DB admin status and action button work
  • Changed API error messages to JSON format.


  • Updated beta agreement
  • Multiple Improvements to simplify configure.sh
  • Start/Stop button use different colours to be more clear
  • Improved JSON error messages.
  • Added timedout to the datasource API.
  • Added docs menu link
  • New dashboard status badge and text
  • Added last updated to DB target admin
  • Added no-wrap for table action columns
  • Display port on DB target admin list
  • Statement view and prev change timestamp
  • DB view, show previous change datetime stamp
  • DB summary conn status now dynamically updated
  • Added DB version to targets list view
  • Added console output for unknown status

Known Issues



There is no upgrade during the beta. You need to run stop.sh then rm -rf /opt/dbmarlin and do a clean install of the latest version from https://download.dbmarlin.com