• Support for installing DBmarlin server on Ubuntu and other Linux Distros
  • Custom change event capability
  • Added column chart for data table wait percentages


  • Bundle 3 shared libs in /lib required by Nginx and PostgreSQL
  • Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH within start.sh and stop.sh
  • Removed unnecessary console debug output
  • Added hidden views for event type, environments
  • Added initial API classes for event types and more
  • Fix for overreaching percentage columns
  • Fixed API bug with missing username property
  • Updated ms to English for MS values
  • Bug fix for statement with no execution plan
  • UI layout fixes for change filter box
  • Updated DB summary changes
  • Change table caption correction
  • Bug fix for missing statement badges
  • Added change events to the statement view charts
  • Fixed bad class property on anchor link for docs
  • Added weight percent to wait states tab
  • Fixed class typo for heading margin
  • Aadded count badges for sub-tab options
  • Added badge count for total execution plans
  • Removed incorrect English time for exec plan props
  • Corrected column heading Sessions to Session

Known Issues

  • DBmarlin server OS must have locale en_GB.UTF-8 installed.



There is no upgrade during the beta. You need to run stop.sh then rm -rf /opt/dbmarlin and do a clean install of the latest version from https://download.dbmarlin.com