• Support for monitoring Oracle databases


  • Statement change history bug fix
  • Added create event debug console
  • DBMAR-179 - no change showing wrong date/time
  • DBMAR-178 - corrected null metric widget value
  • DBMAR-185 - never ending changes loading spinner
  • DBMAR-184 - missing SQL server icon in quick list
  • DBMAR-180 - quick select DB option fix for down DB
  • Statement view now shows changes as per DB summary
  • Converted chart annotations to plot lines
  • Changes fix where wrong count used
  • Added connection parameters so loginTimeout can be set. Made batch interval configurable. Filtered out some wait events, parameter changes and schema changes.
  • Grouping of events for chart and UI performance
  • Multi changes wrap up, wind back of new chart UI
  • Replaced SQL*Net message to client with ACTIVE
  • Bug fix for deleted local storage
  • QueryString double question mark fix
  • Fixed UI overlap bug in top summary charts
  • Added QueryString params to copy URL btn
  • Added copy link button to header

Known Issues

  • PostreSQL monitoring requires that the username used has a matching database with the same name
  • Oracle monitoring requires that the SID is ORCL
  • DBmarlin server OS must have locale en_GB.UTF-8 installed.



There is no upgrade during the beta. You need to run stop.sh then rm -rf /opt/dbmarlin and do a clean install of the latest version from https://download.dbmarlin.com