• Turn off nginx access logs
  • Explain more Oracle statements
  • Obfuscate passwords at rest
  • Added tier to licence keys
  • Upgraded Tomcat from v9.0.36 to v9.0.39
  • Moved tomcat files to /opt/dbmarlin/tomcat


  • Corrected maxActive JDBC property
  • Set min idle connections to 0
  • Shut sensor threads down more gracefully

Known Issues

  • DBmarlin server OS must have locale en_GB.UTF-8 installed.
  • Change History shows a spinner if there are no changes
  • License screen show 1 extra row for the aggregated license count
  • On the Instance dashboard you may get a spinner on the lower tabs after changing time range. Switching tab and back again will resolve this.



There is no upgrade during the beta. You need to run stop.sh then rm -rf /opt/dbmarlin and do a clean install of the latest version from https://download.dbmarlin.com