• SQL Server support.
  • Added batch and stored procedure support to SQL Server.
  • Various changes to licensing including, "days left" column, view all properties, delete license, free license can't be deleted. Support for additional license tiers.
  • Start/Stop scripts can now do individual processes E.g. start -t for Tomcat, start.sh -p for PostgreSQL
  • Ability to manage custom event types
  • Reorganised left navigation menu
  • Quick change of DB target via header
  • Reworked Instana intgration, export no longer shows API key, better caching for mappings for performance and option to refresh mapping on demand.
  • Changes now sorted date desc
  • Set dashboard table default sort to totaltime desc
  • Improve data validation for form fields.
  • SQL statement with no hash value now uses a hyphen
  • Simplified purging of statements


  • Change History no longer shows a spinner if there are no changes
  • Fixed Instance dashboard spinner after changing time range.
  • Changes for tomcat dir, now [install dir]/tomcat
  • Nginx conf changes for CORS + remove unused graphql
  • Various formatting and spelling corrections
  • Dashboard handling for when API calls fail
  • UI heading now shows period in title area
  • Added URL into DB target export
  • Added DB port to export
  • Added some delete confirmation steps
  • Added pie for batch statement total time cost
  • Batch statement column header update
  • Executed by statement for batch (partial)
  • Added batch URI view and breadcrumbs
  • Added detection of null statements in batch. Return datasource updated date in the correct time zone.
  • Fixed minor issue with page title when refreshing
  • Modified Oracle wait-event assignment.
  • Fixed chart X axis for 7-day period
  • SQL statement with no hash value now uses a hyphen
  • Custom period interval chart fix
  • Better handling of Null string in API and UI
  • Removed restrictions on username, database and SQL ID lengths.

Known Issues

  • DBmarlin server OS must have locale en_GB.UTF-8 installed.
  • SQL statements which are very long (1000s of lines) can cause the browser to freeze



There is no upgrade during the beta. You need to run stop.sh then rm -rf /opt/dbmarlin and do a clean install of the latest version from https://download.dbmarlin.com