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What is DBmarlin?

DBmarlin is a next-generation database monitoring solution to help your database run fast and stay fast.


DBmarlin is licensed using a Freemium model where the first database you monitor is free forever. If you want to cover additional databases then a subscription is available from We have tried to keep our licensing model simple by charging per database instance, no matter what type of database you are running and irrespective of the number of CPU's or amount of RAM, which will be refreshing for those who have experienced these cumbersome license models before.


DBmarlin was created by Application Performance Ltd. who have a long history in the database monitoring space going back to 1998. In 2007 we brought the DBTuna product to market until its acquisition in 2013. With DBmarlin we are building the next generation of database monitoring, for both traditional database platforms as well as modern cloud native databases running in public or private clouds.