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Check the supported versions

DBmarlin supports versions of CockroachDB from 20.1 and above running Self-hosted as well as CockroachDB Serverless and Dedicated. Please check the list of supported platforms before continuing and contact us if you are not sure.

Create a monitoring user with the correct permissions

Before adding a target CockroachDB instance in the UI you should first create a dbmarlin user in the target database instance.

For CockroachDB Self-hosted clusters you can create a monitoring user like this:

CREATE user dbmarlin WITH PASSWORD 'securepassword';
GRANT admin TO dbmarlin;

For CockroachDB Serverless or Dedicated clusters, you can create a user using the CockroachDB Cloud Console instead. See

Adding the Database Target

This is done through the User Interface using the Add Database screen

For CockroachDB Serverless or Dedicated clusters there is one additional parameter ?options=--cluster=your-cluster-name which you can add to the Connection string under Advanced mode. The screen with the additional parameter will look something like this.

DBmarlin CockroachDB Serverless connection parameters