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Installation on Linux

Check supported platforms​

See the list of supported operating systems for the DBmarlin server installation.


  1. Check that port 9080 is available.

    netstat -na | grep LISTEN | grep 9080
  2. Create a dbmarlin Linux user and dbmarlin group and switch to that user.

     useradd dbmarlin
    mkdir /opt/dbmarlin
    chown -R dbmarlin:dbmarlin /opt/dbmarlin
    su - dbmarlin

Downloading the latest version​

Download the dbmarlin-agent-Linux-x64-[VERSION].tar.gz file from

Extracting the tar.gz file​

tar -xzvf dbmarlin-agent-Linux-x64-[VERSION].tar.gz -C /opt/

Configuring the installation​

After extracting the tar.gz file you will need to set 3 Environment variables before starting the agent. For example:

export DBMARLIN_AGENT_NAME="My first remote agent"
export DBMARLIN_ARCHIVER_URL=http://dbmarlin-service:9090/archiver
export DBMARLIN_API_KEY=aGVsbG86d29ybGQ=
  • DBMARLIN_AGENT_NAME can be any unique identifier for your remote agent up to 50 characters in length. If it is not set then the agent name defaults to β€œdefault”, which is name of the built-in agent. It is important therefore that each agent has its own unique name.
  • DBMARLIN_ARCHIVER_URL is the URL endpoint of the archiver on your DBmarlin server. Remember to include the full URL including scheme://host:port/archiver. The default value for the built-in agent is http://localhost:9080/archiver which goes to the archiver port (9080) directly but for remote agents the port would usually be that of the Nginx reverse proxy (9090) unless you have another load balancer in front, in which case it would be the host and port of the load balancer.
  • DBMARLIN_API_KEY is the Base64-encoded username:password for your DBmarlin server if you are using Nginx Basic Auth. If you are not using authentication then this environment variable can be omitted.

Starting DBmarlin server processes​

The agent process (tomcat) can be started with a single command.

cd /opt/dbmarlin

Checking the status of DBmarlin server processes​

Check the status of the DBmarlin agent processes with the command.

cd /opt/dbmarlin

tomcat (Running)

Stopping the DBmarlin server processes​

The agent process (tomcat) can be stopped with a single command.

cd /opt/dbmarlin