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Release date

11th December 2020


This is the first Generally Available release of DBmarlin. Anybody running a BETA version should now remove the BETA and install this release. If you are on the latest 0.1.15-BETA release it is possible to upgrade to v1.0.0 without doing a clean install (see upgrade guide )


  • Ability to create custom events and custom event types
  • Added changes widget to dashboard
  • Added changes widget to DB, batch and statement
  • Added basic URL validation to custom event
  • Created 1.3 schema. Made schema upgradable.
  • Improved datasource caching in the agent.
  • Chart single tooltips for dashboard
  • UI performance improvements
  • Performance improvement for TimescaleDB repository queries
  • Data tables now all have paging
  • Removed limit for host name
  • Write schema-version to version.txt. Check in schema version in


  • Fixed DB target delete

  • Add change btn if DB targets exist

  • Updated tooltip for no changes

  • Fixed Prev change history issue when no changes

  • Fixed to set LD path and 4x locale params on install

  • Move schema create from build to

  • Removed duplicate API calls

  • Fixed unable to close DB quick selector

  • Fixed debug mode not remembered

  • Firefox and Safari, removed white blob from menu

  • Fixed vertical stacking of icons

  • UI fixes related to local storage and IndexDB

Known Issues

  • Date control doesn't work on iOS