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Release date

12th March 2021


  • New time comparison report, enabling instance and period comparisons
  • Where possible, key metrics now show comparison values for the period immediately prior to the selected option. The compared period is of the same duration.
  • Quick link header now site wide for all database instances and hosts
  • Hosts can now be linked to instances from the instance admin screen
  • Fixed initial performance issues around the database instances view
  • Extended and improved existing instance pie charts, improving side-by-side comparison capabilities
  • Instance views now provide an additional tab to show related hosts and their key metrics such as CPU and memory
  • Statements now have a "total time" breakdown with tooltip for the top wait states
  • Hosts list view now provide a drilldown option, providing additional hardware metrics
  • Simplified Instana integration - you no longer have to sync and UI buttons improved
  • UX improvement by synchronising widget colours for DB time and executions against any charts and also for CPU and Memory on the Hosts screen.
  • Removed all needs for local browser storage, resolving issues for some mobile browsers
  • Clearer messaging added to delete views such as database instances, hosts etc.


  • Fixed Safari and Edge mobile browser issue with the date picker due to unsupported date format
  • General performance and stability improvements

Known Issues‚Äč

  • Upgrading on Windows will cause the DBmarlin Tomcat Windows Service to run as Local System even if you had customised it to run as another user. You will need to change it again to run as another user.
  • If using Safari or Firefox you may see "Invalid Date" in the Changes tab or Change history screen for custom Events.
  • Hosts sensors should not consume DBmarlin licences. However, during the start-up of a host sensor, the free licence count is inadvertently checked. That means that if you have created and started the same number of instances as licences, you will not be able to start any hosts. The workaround is to stop a database instance sensor, then you will be able to start any¬†host sensors. Once they are all running, then¬†restart the one database instance ¬†agent that you closed. In that way¬†all host and database sensors can be started. The regular checks to ensure that the licence counts are not exceeded to not have this error, so running host sensors will not then be shut down.