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Release date

23rd April 2021


  • SQL execution count and Average time for Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Batch execution count and Average time for MS SQL Server
  • New host metrics for Windows and Linux
    • Disk I/O metrics (bytes reads/writes, I/Os completed reads/writes, time spent doing I/O ms reads/writes)
    • CPU metrics (nice, non-nice, system, I/O wait, IRQ, SoftIRQ and stolen time)
    • Memory metrics (used, active, inactive, free, buffer, swap cache and swap free)
  • Further statement execution plan improvements, with optional plain text view and download option
  • Improved explain plan formatting for PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Oracle sensor now supports entering of SID or SERVICE without any advanced configuration.
  • Avoid explaining statements which can't be explained to stop errors in postgresql logs.
  • Performance improvements
  • Time comparison report enhancements
  • Continued stability improvements


  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements.
  • Change tracking now works with SQL Server databases names which are hyphenated.
  • Host monitoring supports very long volume names which previous wrapped over 2 lines.
  • User tab showing empty username now fixed.

Known Issues

  • Upgrading on Windows will cause the DBmarlin Tomcat Windows Service to run as Local System even if you had customised it to run as another user. You will need to change it again to run as another user.