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Release date

5th September 2023


  • One click access to Instance settings from the Database instance dashboard via new cog icon.
  • One click access to Host settings from the Host dashboard via new cog icon.
  • One click access from the Instance and Host Settings list view to the dashboard the "View" button.
  • Sensors no longer require a restart after updating settings.
  • Legends for charts so you can toggle a series on or off.
  • SQL Search screen can now filter by instance name.


  • Starting instance sensor when license count exceeded now reports a message to the UI.
  • Selecting a saved snapshot should now automatically apply it.
  • SQL Stats report previous could generate a corrupted CSV export.
  • Deleting an integration such as Slack or PagerDuty will no longer report a NullPointerExceptions in the Tomcat log file.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Known Issues

  • If you are monitoring a server which requires TLS v1.0 or v1.1 which are now obsolete you will need to edit ./lib/security/ to change disabledAlgorithms and restart the DBmarlin Tomcat. See this FAQ for more details.
  • Editing host settings doesn't return you to the host dashboard after updating settings. This will be fix in an upcoming release.