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Release date

8th February 2024


  • We have added support for 2 new platforms in this release (SAP HANA and Informix)
  • Collect SQL Statistics, Collect Blocking Sessions and Collect Deadlocks now moved under Advance Mode in Settings.
  • CockroachDB settings now includes a field for the database to connect to.
  • Simplified navigation from SQL Search
  • We added a hidden option to collect more SQL text for MySQL and MariaDB (contact us for details).
  • SQL Statistics are now added to the Knowledge base.


  • Remote agent no longer outputs the DBMARLIN_API_KEY to logs.
  • Fixed bug where not all ports were getting updated by
  • Fixed browser spin causing performance slowdown in some cases.
  • Fixed SQL Statistics not collected due to timezone calculation.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Known Issues

  • If you are monitoring a server which requires TLS v1.0 or v1.1 which are now obsolete you will need to edit ./lib/security/ to change disabledAlgorithms and restart the DBmarlin Tomcat. See this FAQ for more details.