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Release date

28th March 2024


  • DBmarlin Co-pilot now supports the GPT-3.5-turbo model (in addition to GPT-4-turbo). This means it can be used by those on the free OpenAI plan. The older GPT-3.5-turbo gives more generic tuning recommendations while GPT-4-turbo gives more specific recommendations, however GPT-3.5-turbo can still provide valuable assistance for tuning your databases and SQL.
  • CockroachDB now captures the database that SQL Statements were executed in. This also requires CockroachDB 23.1 and above which is when the field was added into the CockroachDB crdb_internal schema.
  • CockroachDB now has more execution more plans and where available index recommendations.
  • Reduced layout shift on the instance detail screen.
  • Reduction in Postgres log file messages (by not explaining statements in the rdsadmin database for Amazon RDS).

Known Issues

  • It is not possible to delete a sensor once it has collected data. It will fail on a FK problem. This will be fixed in v4.4.0.
  • If you already setup DBmarlin Co-pilot you will need to clear and re-enter your OpenAI API key because it can't decode the previously applied API key.
  • If you are monitoring a server which requires TLS v1.0 or v1.1 which are now obsolete you will need to edit ./lib/security/ to change disabledAlgorithms and restart the DBmarlin Tomcat. See this FAQ for more details.