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Release date

31st August 2022


  • Added Settings UI to setup New Relic Integration.
  • Reduced overhead of main SQL Server monitoring query.
  • SQL Statistics are now collected for PostgreSQL & MySQL. This means we can now collect SQL Statistics for all supported database types. These are enabled by default but can be disabled in instance settings if not required.
  • Updated alert email template.
  • Added Events tab for the host screen.
  • Added Database Activity tab on the host screen to link to mapped DB instances.


  • Fixed SMTP screen doesn't show Create button if New Relic parameters are set.
  • Alert email linking back to DBmarlin ignores the Timezone in the URL.
  • Delete SQL statistics when deleting a datasource.
  • Create Alert Rule error messages / error handling improved.
  • Several minor bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Host monitoring using a password rather than a private key file fails with Host Sensor - (No such file or directory). The workaround is:
    • Open a terminal window on the DBmarlin server logged in as the dbmarlin user and in the dbmarlin install directory.
    • cd scripts/dbadmin/
    • ./
    • update host set key_file = null where key_file = '';
    • \q
    • If the DBmarlin server is running on Windows then use a cmd window and use psql.bat instead.
  • If you enable SQL Statistics collection for CockroachDB 21.1 or below if will show zeros for statement statistics.
  • If you are monitoring a server which requires TLS v1.0 or v1.1 which are now obsolete you will need to edit ./lib/security/ to change disabledAlgorithms and restart the DBmarlin Tomcat. See this FAQ for more details.