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Release date

30th June 2023


  • Db2 blocking sessions (beta). We have added the Blocking Sessions feature for IBM Db2 customers, which works in the same way as for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This feature displays the blocking trees for any period you choose, and you can see which tree has the most blocking time.
  • SQL Server Deadlock capture (beta). You can now capture and display deadlocks for SQL Server. Please contact us if you would like to try the beta.
  • For Remote agents you can now see in the Settings screens for Database Instances and Hosts, which agent is being used to monitor it.
  • New info icon next to the instance name which can be clicked to show a popup containing metadata for the instance such as the database version and other useful properties like whether it support the collection of SQL Statistics, Blocking sessions and Deadlocks and if so whether they have been enabled.
  • The backend components used by the DBmarlin Server and Agent such as Nginx, Tomcat, Java, PostgreSQL and TimeScaleDB have been updated to the latest patch releases.
  • Housekeeping for PostgreSQL log file to keep only 8 days of logs.
  • We added a number of performance improvements within Nginx such as better caching and compression for of text-based resources which should add a noticeable boost in frontend performance.


  • Time Comparison report, instance dropdown now sorted alphabetically.
  • Copy/paste of URL for SQL Stats Comparison report now correctly opens the report.
  • Mismatching colours between chart / table in the SQL Stats comparison report is now fixed.

Known Issues

  • If you are monitoring a server which requires TLS v1.0 or v1.1 which are now obsolete you will need to edit ./lib/security/ to change disabledAlgorithms and restart the DBmarlin Tomcat. See this FAQ for more details.