Instana Integration

DBmarlin can link to Instana so that you can related database performance back to the infrastructure, applications, services and users.

Enable the integration

To enable the integration just requires a Name (any identifier such as 'Instana prod' or 'Instana test') and your Instana API key and Instana host.

Getting your Instana Host

This is the host part of the URL you see in your address bar when using Instana. For example:

Getting your Instana API key

This can be found under Settings -> Team Settings -> API Tokens

Linking from DBmarlin to Instana

DBmarlin UI makes background API calls to Instana to determine if a database instance or the databases running within it are monitored by Instana and if so it will display a button.

Database Instance click-through

The button at the top of the Database Instance screen will click though to the Infrastructure area of Instana.

Database click-through

The button(s) lower down the screen under the Databases tab will click through to the Database service under the Applications area of Instana.