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Short Description

The session is waiting for an event, such as I/O, to complete.

Detailed Description

More information can be gained on the thread state by using the sys.dm_os_worker DMV

The state field in this view can be one of the following values.

INIT = Worker is currently being initialized. RUNNING = Worker is currently running either nonpreemptively or preemptively. RUNNABLE = The worker is ready to run on the scheduler. SUSPENDED = The worker is currently suspended, waiting for an event to send it a signal.

How to reduce this wait

You can use the following query to find out how long a worker has been running in a SUSPENDED or RUNNABLE state.

SELECT t1.session_id, CONVERT(varchar(10), t1.status) AS status, CONVERT(varchar(15), t1.command) AS command, CONVERT(varchar(10), t2.state) AS worker_state, w_suspended = CASE t2.wait_started_ms_ticks WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE t3.ms_ticks - t2.wait_started_ms_ticks END, w_runnable = CASE t2.wait_resumed_ms_ticks WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE t3.ms_ticks - t2.wait_resumed_ms_ticks END FROM sys.dm_exec_requests AS t1 INNER JOIN sys.dm_os_workers AS t2 ON t2.task_address = t1.task_address CROSS JOIN sys.dm_os_sys_info AS t3 WHERE t1.scheduler_id IS NOT NULL;

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