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Alert Rule Settings


To receive notifications you should define your Email Server under Settings -> Integrations.

Create an alert rule

From the left menu select Settings/Alert Rules

  1. Click "Create" button to add a new alert rule.

DBmarlin alerts rules

  1. Define the settings for your alert rule

DBmarlin alerts rule add

  • Alert rule name = Any name you would like to call your alert rule.
  • Alert type = The options are: Host Statistic, Instance Statistic or Instance Activity.
  • Scope = Choose either a single host or instance to apply the rule to or all hosts or instances.
  • Metric = Click the button to choose the metric. The list of metrics shown will be limited by your choice of Alert type and Scope above.
  • Threshold = Set the threshold that you would like to use. When crossed an alert is triggered.
  • Rule evaluation frequency (mins) = Currently fixed at 1 minute.
  • Evaluation window (mins) = Currently fixed at 1 minute.
  • Rule enabled = Toggle to enable or disable the rule.

Once defined your alert will be evaluated at the "Rule evaluation frequency (mins)" and when the "Threshold" is crossed will be visible in the Event History screen.

Receiving notifications

If you have setup an Email Server you will also receive email notifications like this:

DBmarlin email alert