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Time Comparison Report

The Time Comparison Report lets you compare any 2 periods of time to see in detail the differences in performance at the instance level, host level, SQL statement level and wait state level.

Example use cases for this report

  • Load testing - compare load test A with load test B.
  • Impact analysis for any change - such as schema change, code change, infrastructure change to see if performance got better or worse.

Report settings

  • In the settings you can select to compare periods for the same Database instance or compare across 2 instances (e.g. 2 nodes in a cluster) by toggling on the Compare to Different Instance option.
  • Select the start time for Period A and start time for Period B (Period A must come before Period B).
  • Select the Period Duration.
    • This can be done either using the date/time control or choosing a saved snapshot which will populate the date/time field based on the snapshot settings.


Report output

  • The top of the report show a table of the key metrics for period A and B
  • The comparison charts show period A and B
    • Performance by SQL statement
    • Performance by Wait Event
  • Top SQL statement table shows the performance of the top 10 SQL statements from both period A and B.
  • The changes table lists any changes in period A, period B or in the interim period between A and B.

Short video walk-through

Example report